The Christmas adverts have started, which could only mean one thing - silly season is nearly upon us. Every year the frenzied frenzy of shoppers Cyber Monday and Black Friday is a stark reminder of just how far we rely on'things'. As the random bloke at the tank best reaches to the top plate and you also drop - seemingly in slow motion - to his sweaty armpit, ask yourself this... is it really worthwhile? And, would not you rather be with a laugh with your friends and family within an escape room?

Down with the armpit fiasco, who desires stuff as soon as you are able to produce new memories? Whether you're more minimalist compared to hoarder or you only want to help your friends and family create new memories, then here is 5 reasons to avoid this Cyber Monday and Black Friday legends this past season. Offering you validation to shop online and treat your family and friends to escape rooms and also escape games this silly season rather.

No longer Monopoly induced family feuds or Charade inspired yawns, banding together to address the clues can help you bond and also bring you closer together.

All our escape rooms are all based in bars that may entertain and keep you and your friends or family through the night or day. Whether you want to make a night of it together with pre and post beverages or enjoy a family meal. A few of our venues actually have VR games, RC racetracks, retro gaming and mini-golf to keep you occupied - not forgetting lovely pub gardens and DJ's or live music events.


Over Christmas there is a whole lot of stress to be'happy', which often leads to greater stress and family feuds. Letting your hair down in an escape game, having a physical encounter, will distract you away from any pressure to'get on' and direct you to actually have a fantastic time. Our game hosts will be all great at maintaining players engaged and encouraging participation, even the many straight-faced Dad or grumpy Grandparent will not be able to resist a giggle.


The onscreen return of 90's puzzle space bonanza The Crystal Maze has helped nurture a shared generational love for escape rooms. Whatever the age or experience of your own group of friends or family, everyone is very likely to love your escape game gift. Not just this Lady Chastity's boudoir is dripping in historic memorabilia and our new game Poppa Plock's Wonky Workshop is rife with classic trinkets and toys that will definitely ignite youth memories for elder members of your famaly.

Genuine sentiment aside, avoiding the Cyber Monday along with Black Friday crowds is motive enough to jump online and purchase a escape room encounter rather. Better yet, even if you're not convinced of the larger advantages, you may use this list to validate your current choosing options. It is a win win. Just sit in the comfort of your home, jump on the internet and reserve your friends and family an escape room experience instead.

Not only will you get the strangest present this season - winner winner chicken dinner - escape here rooms are also a wonderful way to bring your family together. Silly season escape strategy sorted.

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